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Hi y’all!

I am taking this trip with my friend Oskar and our plan is to use all of our vacation days to travel through southeast Asia, basically doing the Mallorca of backpacking.

I left a stressy week at work and stepped on a plane to hot and humid Hong Kong with Oskar. We had arrangements to meet his local friend Windy. She started taking care of us, guiding us and helping us the very first minute. She brought us to our 5* hotel (Oskar get staff rates from his job at Sheraton) and then started taking us throgh le Grande Tour de Hong Kong. I can barely remember anything of this since I was severely jet-lagged but we went by some market, ate Dim Sum (chicken feet) and visited a chinese arcade until we finally could go back to our hotel to take a nap. Later that night, Windy and some other friends of Oskars took us out to a magnificent view of Hong Kong and dinner.

The next day it was YoYo and Ha’s turn to take us out. She was really surprised to see that our friends had not paid fully for our dinner yesterday, which seems to be the custom here. They however paid for everything which felt a bit weird but they insisted so what could we do 🙂 After doing some shopping we passed by the Kung Fu-quarters of HK because Oskar really wanted to visit a gym. We found some dodgy gym with some even dodgier German guy there who showed us the superiority of his Wing Chun Kung Fu by breaking a chop-stick on his throat and showing some moves on Oskar (who was really happy to experience this).

That night the girls took us out Hong Kong style by renting a room in a karaoke palace. We sang the night away and even the drinks just kept on coming (and the checks just kept on being paid for). They even said we were singing nice when we finished off at a peak of happiness with My Way. A pleasant lie of course. After that, it was nothing really to hold us back. We went to some club with an awesome live-band playing some really good picks of the late 90’s rock scene. Yeah! I think it was somewhere around that bar that I got a bit of what Oskar refers to as the Yellow Fever, the liking of Asian girls.

Well, after a jump-start like this we just kept on going. YoYo took us to Disneyland the day after (she had a free pass) and we experienced some true Asian kitch and had a blast being as childish as you can only be in Disneyland. The peak was to fulfill a long-time kids dream: to finally. FINALLY, meat Donald Duck and shake his hand.

After this extreme hospitality from our lovely Hong Kong hosts we left the safe and got into the unknown which was Macau. A Las Vegas-like island close to HK where we spent the night. It was a soft passage to the unknown since we were staying at another 5* hotel.

So, to conclude. We had a really marvellous staying in Hong Kong despite the 35 degrees and 100% humidity. I can’t imagine any better hosts or cooler town to start this type of trip than Hong Kong.

Now I am currently in Cambodia. I will write more about it soon and how we closed Khao San road in Bangkok, dodged a bus scam just to get into an even worse situation in a small country town in Cambodia.